Kingnature celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2021 and thus demonstrates 10 years of vital substance competency. You are cordially invited to join the celebration and become part of the anniversary campaign. There are many surprises waiting for you.


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Get the iron out of the fire

As part of our 10th anniversary campaign, one of the most sought-after products from the kingnature range, Eisen Vida, is on the launch list for the month of June. Get the iron out of the fire until the end of June and feel the benefits of this top product. Iron Vida is very well tolerated thanks to the purely vegetable iron from the curry leaf and offers high bioavailability.


In this section we summarise the most important news in connection with the 10th anniversary campaign. We would like to draw your special attention to the anniversary event on Friday, 5 November 2021 – then we will celebrate our open day with you at our headquarters in Wädenswil with many surprises.

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Look forward to 10 short videos of protagonists who have helped shape the history of kingnature and are important ambassadors of our brand. We start with our new image video.


Image video

Our history

We’ve gone deep into our archives to compile key milestones and photos from the development of kingnature. You can find some of the highlights in the chronicle below.


Kingnature is founded by Raffaele Carmine, Dr. Heinz Lüscher and Bruno Bayer. The start is made with a first OPC product made from Aronia berries grown in Switzerland, followed by Artemisia powder in capsules.


Caye Vida and Kurkuma Vida are launched. For the time being, production takes place in a small commercial space in Au near Wädenswil on Lake Zurich. In addition to Aronia, Artemisia and Cayenne are now also cultivated by Swiss farmers.


Moringa Vida, Morus Vida, Emu Oil and Artemisia Cream complete the product range. Aronia “Schoggi”, probably the healthiest chocolate in Switzerland, goes on sale. There are now a total of 10 kingnature products on offer.


Official launch of our natural cosmetics line: we launched a day and night cream as well as Aronia Hand Cream. Aronia Shot, Salvestrol Vida and Q10 Vida are added to our growing product range. Kingnature works with the first wholesalers in Switzerland and is mentioned for the first time on Swiss television (SRF).


The first top athletes, like Swiss NHL stars Roman Josi and Mark Streit, endorse our vital substances. kingnature moves to Wädenswil. We also start a cooperation with wholesalers in Germany. Coffea Vida, Pollen Vida and Krill Vida are added to our product range, which now totals an impressive 25 products.


The factory shop in Wädenswil is opened. CBD 10 Vida and Mysterio Vida are the first CBD products from kingnature to be launched on the Swiss market. Amino Vida is now available. kingnature Germany and China are founded. In China, this is celebrated with participation in a trade show.


EM Multi ferment and Immuno Vida are new high-tech products in the kingnature range. MSM Vida, NADH Vida, Probiotic Vida and Vitamin D3 Vida go on sale for the first time. The OPC 24 day and night creams are launched. Moringa is now also available as leaf powder. Kingnature gains a foothold in the UK and South Africa.


Vitamin K2 Vida, Magnesium Vida, Relax Vida, Canna Vida (CBD oil drops) and the Pollen Shot have been added to the product range. There is also a new high-quality OPC 24 hand lotion. Organic matcha powder from Japan extends our product range. Kingnature opens a base in the USA and is mentioned on Chinese state television (CCTV).


Our website now offers a new vitality test including product recommendations. Omega-3 Vida, Neovital, Oregano Vida and Eisen (Iron) Vida are launched. The joint oil Fleximove goes on sale. Artemisia is now also available as a refill for herbal pillows.


Kingnature launches Wise Medicine in Winterthur, an integrative medical center. Despite Corona, the company continues to grow. Reishi Vida, Voluntastrols and Vitamin D3 Baby are launched. Kingnature Netherlands is founded.


The proprietor-led company currently employs 43 people in Switzerland and 27 abroad. New products are launched, namely Clear Skin Gel, the Artemisia- and the Vitality-Shots. The range now includes more then 50 scientifically tested, orthomolecular vital substances. Wise Medicine adds new locations in Switzerland.

Community: What’s your story?

Celebrate with us! We look forward to your Instagram post with a photo of your favourite kingnature product along with a congratulatory message to us and the hashtag #10yearskingnature. We will select a winner every month – who will receive their favourite product sent to their home free of charge.

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