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Canna Vida contains 30ml oil from a cannabis extract. This corresponds to 1000 drops. We use medium-chain triglycerides from Coconut oil of the highest quality. The hemp extract comes from Swiss cultivation. In addition, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 contribute to a normal functioning of the nervous system. Net content: 30 g.

Hemp oil from traditional hemp produced in Switzerland

Canna Vida contains 48.8% of an extract of traditional hemp, whose analysis can be downloaded here. The extract is mixed with medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) from coconut oil to increase the absorption of fat-soluble ingredients from the hemp. Additionally, Canna Vida contains vitamins B6 and B12. Both contribute to normal nervous system function, normal mental function and normal energy metabolism. Canna Vida can be dosed safely and accurately with a pipette.

Hemp from Switzerland

It is important to us to use the highest possible quality raw material. As raw material for this product, we use special hemp plants grown in Thurgau and St. Gallen, which are cultivated and harvested by hand. The cannabis raw material is then extracted with a CO2 process to keep the THC content to an absolute minimum whilst at the same time enriching the valuable ingredients of the hemp plant in this hemp extract. This is integrated into the MCT coconut oil during the production process. We check every batch for CBD and THC content and also disclose the scientific analyses to our customers.

Natural support of the nervous system

Canna Vida is rich in vitamin B6 and B12. These vitamins carry

  • to a normal energy metabolism.
  • to a normal function of the nervous system.
  • to a normal homocysteine metabolism.
  • to a normal mental function.
  • to a normal formation of red blood cells.
  • to a normal function of the immune system.
  • contributes to the reduction of fatigue and tiredness.
    Vitamin B6 additionally contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity.

What is Canna Vida used for ?

The health claims that are possible for a dietary supplement like Canna Vida and its ingredients are precisely specified by law. We cannot go beyond that, even if it should have scientifically confirmed physiological properties. Make up your own mind with an internet research.

What are the advantages of Canna Vida?

  • Content of THC: less than 0.2%
  • Consists of about half of a hemp extract and half of coconut oil.
  • Combination product with vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.
  • Controlled product and disclosed analysis.
  • Made in Switzerland.

Buy Canna Vida now!

Buy Canna Vida online now! You will receive a product with high-quality raw materials and an optimized recipe, which is gently processed and controlled in Switzerland. Scientifically tested vital substances from kingnature!

Product Information Canna Vida

Canna Vida contains 30ml of a high-quality hemp extract. This corresponds to around 1000 drops. Ingredients: Medium chain triglycerides from Coconut Oil 48.8 % (South East Asia), hemp extract 48.8 %, antioxidant: α-tocopherol (Vitamin E, 1 mg / drop), pyridoxine (Vitamin B6, 400 µg / drop), cobalamine (vitamin B12, 0.9 µg / drop). Net content 30 g. Canna Vida availability: In stock.

Canna Vida has no artificial preservatives and is 100% natural.

Recommended dosage

Take 3 drops daily with liquid or neat.

Nutritional information – Canna Vida

Per 3 Drops
Vitamin B60.172 mg (12%)*
Vitamin B123 µg (120%)*

* RDA = % of the nutritional values

Food supplements are no substitute for a varied, balanced diet, fresh fruit and vegetables and a healthy lifestyle. Keep in a cool and dry place and out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

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Yeast free
GMO free
Sugar free
100% natural
Egg free
Gluten free
Lactose free
Soy free
Swiss Made

Vitamin B6 is effective!

Contributes to a normal energy metabolism.

Contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system.

Contributes to normal mental function.

Contributes to a normal functioning of the immune system.

Contributes to reducing fatigue and tiredness.

Contributes to the regulation of hormone activity.

Contributes to the formation of red blood cells.

Contributes to normal cysteine synthesis and homocysteine metabolism.

Contributes to normal protein and glycogen metabolism.

Vitamin B12 is effective!

Contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system.

Contributes to a normal energy metabolism.

Contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells.

Contributes to normal mental function.

Contributes to reducing fatigue and tiredness.

Contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism.

Has a function in cell division.

The positive side of hemp! Contains 48.8 % pure, traditional CBD hemp (Cannabis Sativa) from Swiss cultivation. The extract is blended with high-quality coconut oil, which increases the absorption of the ingredients.

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