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Natural plant extracts from Switzerland

Be it for our products for humans, or for the four-legged darlings; we only use high-quality plant extracts for our products. With the help of an extraction agent, valuable ingredients are extracted from plants in concentrated form. This is an extremely gentle process. Hydrophilic (water-soluble) ingredients can be extracted with water, lipophilic (fat-soluble) ingredients with alcohol or other solvents. For our plant extracts, we use only high-quality raw materials, whenever possible from Swiss organic cultivation.

Plant extracts for animals

Plant extracts are widely used in veterinary medicine as a source of natural medicines for animals. These extracts are mainly derived from plants and are known as phytomedicines. Animal plant extracts can be obtained from a number of sources, including plants, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. They have the potential to treat a wide range of diseases and conditions in animals. In order to provide a nutritionally balanced diet, there is increasing interest in incorporating dietary supplements into animal feeding programs. There is a wealth of information in the scientific literature, as well as on numerous websites, blogs and social media about what to feed and how to incorporate it into your diet. The problem is finding appropriate, safe and effective supplements for animals. Today, we’ll go over some of the top reasons why you should include plant extracts in your pet’s diet.

Why you should use plant extracts for your pets

If you’ve been researching the benefits of holistic pet care, you’ve no doubt come across the term “plant medicine” before. This phrase is growing in popularity as more and more people learn how plants can naturally help their animal companions feel better and improve their overall health. It turns out that plants have a lot to offer our animal friends. For one, they have a special diet that consists mainly of plant foods. This diet is a great way for your pet’s body to get all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

In addition, they contain numerous natural anti-inflammatory substances that have a positive effect on your pet’s joints and other tissues. Therefore, it is often recommended to include additional plant elements in your pet’s diet.

What are plant extracts?

Plant extracts contain essential oils as well as various highly effective nutrients found in plants. These compounds are extracted from plants before they are bottled or dried for use as supplements. While essential oils can be extracted from any plant, they are most commonly extracted from fruits, flowers, leaves, barks and roots. These extracts can be used in a variety of ways. Immunity, improved digestion, stronger tissues and a stronger heart are some of the main reasons you should include plant extracts in your pet’s diet.

Plant extracts for your pet’s immunity.

One of the most common reasons holistic veterinarians recommend using plant extracts is to boost your pet’s immune system. Many plants contain antiviral chemicals that can help your pet’s immune system fight viruses and other diseases. Echinacea, garlic, elderberry, olive leaf and goldenseal are among the most commonly used immune-boosting herbs and plant extracts by holistic veterinarians. This article provides a comprehensive list of the best herbs to boost your pet’s immune system.

Plant extracts for better digestion.

Most of the vitamins and minerals found in plants can help your pet’s digestion. When your pet consumes these nutrients in adequate amounts, he or she can better digest his or her food. Good digestion is important for your pet’s overall health, especially if he suffers from digestive problems such as diarrhea, gas or constipation. Adding a vitamin and mineral supplement to your pet’s meals is one of the best ways to improve their digestion. When vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes are combined, they work optimally. You can find a list of the best vitamins for dogs and cats on the Internet.

Plant extracts for stronger tissues

As we have seen, many plant extracts can help strengthen your pet’s immune system, digestion and tissue health. These extracts contain phytoncides, which are toxic to bacteria and fungi. One of the best aspects of buying plant extract supplements for your pet is that they come in a variety of formats.

Plant extracts for a stronger heart

Many of these plant extracts can also help strengthen the heart. The heart is an extremely complicated tissue that acts as the primary blood pump for your pet. One of the most important aspects to know about your pet’s heart is that it has to work harder than any other organ in the body. Even while sleeping, the heart beats 60-100 times per minute. Providing all the vitamins and minerals that this organ needs is one of the best ways to strengthen it. Vitamins, minerals and phytoncides are very useful in this regard.

Plant extracts for stronger muscles

The last point we want to discuss is how plant extracts can help strengthen your pet’s muscles. This is especially true for older animals that may be suffering from muscle atrophy. One of the most effective ways to strengthen muscles is to make sure they get all the nutrients they need. This is especially important for older pets that are at risk of muscle weakness or injury.