Athletes who use kingnature products on a daily basis report on their experiences.

Céline Naef

Tennis player

Magnesium Vida, Aronia Vida, NADH Vida, Omega-3 Vida

Céline Naef (born 2005) is an up-and-coming tennis talent. Tennis has been her great passion since she was 5 years old. She has been able to demonstrate her skills repeatedly on the international junior and professional ITF tour. Céline is a multiple junior Swiss champion and she also won the title in the active tournament at the age of 17. In addition, she has already won several tournaments internationally, both in the junior and professional categories. Her immediate goals are to establish herself among the top 250 players in the world and to gain her first experience on the WTA Tour. She trains stroke by stroke and step by step with the big goal in mind of one day playing with the professionals on the centre courts of the Grand Slam. Céline on the partnership: “I trust the products from kingnature. They give my body back what it used up in training and competition.”

Josia “Josi” Pfister

Floorball Professional

Amino Vida, Magnesium Vida, Aronia Shot, Aronia Vida

Josia Pfister is a passionate floorball player and has been playing for UHC Uster for 13 years. He was also part of the U17 national team of Switzerland. He recently made the jump to the first team, which plays in the highest Swiss league. He has ambitious goals and would like to play for the senior national team one day and make the jump to a top club in Sweden. Nutrition plays an important role for “Josi”. He also relies on micronutrients and places his trust in kingnature. “Magnesium, amino acids and chokeberry have been part of my daily training routine for a long time, and when I’m sick, I like to take Artemisia.”

Alissa König


Amino Vida, Magnesium Vida

Alissa König made her first sporting experiences as a child in athletics and swimming. She soon discovered her passion for triathlon. At 16, she fully committed to triathlon. Her greatest successes include the Swiss championship title in the elite category in 2019. She missed out on the Olympic Games in Tokyo, although she helped secure the starting places for Switzerland in Lisbon. Her goal is now to compete for Switzerland at the Olympic Games in Paris (2024) and Los Angeles (2028). We are very happy to support Alissa to reach this big goals with natural vital substances. Alissa about kingnature: “For a long time I was looking for a well-tolerated magnesium, which I have to take in high doses. Only at kingnature did I find what I was looking for! Amino Vida also helps me a lot in everyday training and in competitions, especially when it comes to rapid regeneration. The Swiss roots of kingnature are also particularly important to me.”

Micha Alder

Cycling professional

Amino Vida, Hot Shot Sport Gel, Aronia Shot

Ever since Micha Alder has been able to keep himself on two wheels, he has dreamed of becoming a professional cyclist one day. He is currently a member of the U17 Policyclid national squad. In 2021 he reached 7th place at the Youth MTB European Championships and 4th place overall at the Swiss Bike Cup. He is also the reigning vice Swiss champion in cyclo-cross. His goals are to achieve a top ranking at the European Championships and to secure promotion to the U19 national squad. In order to achieve these top performances, he takes Amino Vida every day and Aronia Shot during trainings. He also loves the Hot Shot Sport Gel to relax his muscles.

Jenny Dürst

Tennis professional

Calcium Shot, Magnesium Vida, Q10 Vida, Aronia Vida, Vitality Shot

Jenny Dürst has a big goal in mind: one day to take part in the big Grand Slam tournaments of this world. To achieve this, she wants to work her way up the WTA world rankings. She has already won medals at the Junior Swiss Championships, won against top WTA players or been promoted to the highest Swiss league with her Interclub team and even met the “one and only” Roger Federer. Jenny also knows how to score in doubles: 11 ITF titles already belong to her palmares. We at kingnature are keeping our fingers crossed that she can fulfil her big dream. Jenny says about kingnature: “The vital substances from kingnature support me in achieving top performance every day and at the same time help me to recover so that I can start again at full speed the next day.

Simon Getzmann

Swiss National A Team – Hand Ball
BSV Bern

Amino Vida, NADH Vida

Simon has been playing for BSV Bern since 2014. He also studied business administration at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts North-western Switzerland. He gave up his job in an accounting firm in order to continue his career as a semi-professional player. Simon says about kingnature: “I take Amino Vida before every training session. The best power food for my muscles. NADH Vida is also a must-have at all games. It makes me more focused and helps me concentrate better.”

Beachteam Schaltegger-Kressler


Amino Vida, Magnesium Vida, Eisen Vida, Vitality Shot, Moringa Vida

Beach volleyball all-rounders Janick Schaltegger and Anouk Kressler have found each other for the 2023 season and have been training together since December 2022 under the lead of national coach Denis Milanez. In their previous constellations, the two have already achieved their first podium results on the highest Swiss Tour series, top 5 results at the Elite Swiss Championships as well as a few top 10 rankings at international tournaments on the FIVB Beach Pro Tour. In the coming season, they want to combine their strengths and build on past successes. Janick on the benefits of kingnature: “As a competitive athlete, you need an optimal supply of nutrients, especially during intensive training and competition phases – kingnature offers this with an wide range of products. The fact that these are also manufactured in Switzerland and that sustainability is taken into account is a nice bonus.

Valentina von Gunten

Sport climbing

Amino Vida, Magnesium Vida

Valentina began her passion, climbing, at the age of 3. At 5, she was already part of the regional squad. Today, Valentina von Gunten, born in 2010, is already the Swiss Speed Climbing Champion in her age group and the Swiss Bouldering Vice-Champion. Valentina has a talent card from Swiss Olympic and we are very happy to accompany Valentina on her way with the concentrated power of nature. Besides school and training, she finds a balance in playing piano. Good luck Valentina!

Emanuel Wüthrich

Professional cyclist

Vitality Shot, Aronia Shot, Magnesium Vida

In 2019, Emanuel Wüthrich rode his first season of national races and immediately became runner-up in the road race. In 2020 he was called up to the Swiss Cycling national squad. At the 2021 World Junior Championships, he finished fourth in the team pursuit and sixth in the Madison. Emanuel is part of the Swiss U23 cycling squad and is riding his first elite season. In the past he had to fight with health problems again and again and so he became aware of kingnature. “With the vital substances from kingnature, my health has stabilised and I manage well to reconcile studies and competitive sport. Especially with the Vitality Shots and the Aronia Shots I have made very good experiences.”

Talina Gantenbein


Vitality Shot, Amino Vida, NADH Vida

Talina Gantenbein, who comes from Scuol (GR), has dedicated herself to ski cross. She was already on skis at the age of 2 and started alpine skiing at the age of 10. At 16, she fully focused on skicross. Talina won gold at the 2016 Youth Olympics and competed at the 2018 Professional Olympics, where she finished 12th in Pyeongchang. In 2019, she was runner-up at the World Junior Ski Cross Championships. Last season she made the podium twice in the World Cup. At the 2021 World Championships, she just missed out on the medals and finished 4th. Talina has been strengthening herself with natural vital substances from kingnature since November 2021. We keep our fingers crossed for Talina’s further successes on and off the slopes!

Roman Josi

NHL Crack
Captain of the Nashville Predators

Amino Vida, NADH Vida

The Swiss national began his ice hockey career at SC Bern. In 2010 Roman started playing in the NHL with the Nashville Predators and has been captain of the team since 2017. He played 41 matches for the Swiss national team at the World Championships from 2009-2015. Roman says about kingnature: “I have been using kingnature products for several years. I find the effect spectacular.”

Mark Streit

ex-NHL Player
Best Swiss Player ever

Amino Vida

The Swiss player has played over 800 NHL matches for the Montréal Canadiens, the New York Islanders, the Philadelphia Flyers and the Pittsburgh Penguins. At the end of his career, Mark was a record NHL player in several categories. He was also on the ice for the Swiss National A League for almost 500 games. With the ZSC Lions he won the Swiss Championship in 2001. He was captain of the Swiss national team playing at an international level at numerous world championships.

Simon Holdener

athletic coach

Amino Eight, Aronia Vida, Omega-3 Vida, Magnesium Vida, Kurkuma Vida, Vitamin D3 Vida

Simon is the founder and managing director of pure sport AG. He has a master’s degree in sports science and an education as an EHSM sports teacher. Today he is involved as an athletics trainer for various large clubs and looks after several top athletes in Switzerland. At pure sport, he offers his clients a wide range of services from personal training and nutrition advice to lectures and advice in the area of corporate health management.
Simon about kingnature: “I trust in Kingnature because the quality of the products and the company philosophy are unique”.

Michelle Rageth

Ski Freestyle

Calcium Shot, Aronia Shot, Vitality Shot, Magnesium Vida, Eisen Vida, Vitamin D3 Vida

Michelle was already on skis at the age of three and the fascination of skiing has never left her since. At the age of twelve, she became more and more interested in the snow parks and now practices the sport of ski freestyle. She participates in all three disciplines (slopestyle/big air/halfpipe), but her focus is on big air and slopestyle. After winning the 2021 Junior Vice World Championship in the halfpipe discipline, she won two silver medals at the Universiade in Lake Placid last season. Michelle wants to develop further in the coming season, achieve podium finishes in the European Cup and thus make the leap into the Swiss Ski A-squad. About kingnature she says: “I want to strengthen my body as naturally as possible and without synthetic substances. The Magnesium Vida alone excites me, I have far less muscle soreness as a result and can regenerate much faster.”

Enya Muerner


Vitality Shot, Amino Vida, Q10 Vida

Enya first dedicated herself to cross-country skiing at a young age and definitely switched to biathlon when she was 15. At 13, she celebrated her first Swiss championship title in her age group in cross-country skiing, and only two years later she was runner-up in the biathlon. Then, at 17, she won the Swiss championship title in the biathlon (mass start). Enya has been in the Swissski candidate group since 2021 and is well on the way to the C squad. Her next big goal is the Junior World Championships and, of course, she would like to gain a foothold in the World Cup one day. A naturopath recommended kingnature products to her to help her recover from Long-Covid. Since then, she has been on fire for the natural sports nutrition and wants to continue to strengthen herself with it on her way.

Philippe Furrer

Ice Hockey Defender, HC Fribourg-Gottéron

Aronia Shot, Aronia Vida, Magnesium Vida, Vitamin D3 Vida

Philippe Furrer is a dinosaur in Swiss ice hockey. His stations included the National League top clubs SC Bern and HC Lugano. He is currently under contract with HC Fribourg-Gottéron. With SC Bern, he was Swiss champion three times and Cup winner once. Philippe is also still a member of the Swiss ice hockey national team, having played in two Winter Olympics and six World Championships. He was also one of the silver heroes at the World Championships in Sweden in 2013. Philippe Furrer relied on natural nutritional supplements very early in his career and recommends this to every top athlete. “As a 35-year-old, I feel fitter than ever today, also thanks to vital substances. A chokeberry shot is part of my every interval – accordingly, I’m also called ‘Aronia Man’ within the team.”

Romona Schöpfer

Cross Country Skier

Moringa Vida, Vitamin D3 Vida, Amino Vida

Ramona came into contact with cross-country skiing at an early age through her mother and competed in her first cross-country competition at the age of six. She currently attends the Gymnasium Plus in Schüpfheim. The Gymnasium offers her the chance to combine sport with school in the best possible way. At the age of 14, she joined the Central Switzerland regional squad. She benefited greatly from these instructive training sessions and at the age of 16 Ramona was accepted into the Swiss-Ski candidate group. She is now a member of the Swiss Ski C squad. After winning the Swiss championship title in the U18 category in 2022, she came second twice and third twice at the U20 Swiss championships in 2023. This coming season will be her last in the juniors, and her big goal is the Junior World Championships in 2024. Ramona about kingnature: “I became aware of kingnature through Amino Vida. I am becoming more and more aware of how important natural vital substances are in cross-country skiing in order to achieve the best possible performance. With kingnature I have a top partner by my side in this area.”

Alessia and Selina Arnold

Figure skaters

Aronia Vida, Krill Vida, Moringa Vida, Magnesium Vida

The two Swiss twin sisters have loved figure skating more than anything since they were 5 years old. They call themselves Figureskatingtwins and they are proud to be in squad A of the Frauenfeld Ice Sports Club. Both of them also successfully passed the Interbronze Kürtest, the door to top-class sport. Their motto is: No hard work, no prize! That’s why they train on and off the ice every day throughout the year. They are still young the fun is in the foreground.

Tamino Bergmeier

Junior racer (KTM X-BOW CUP EUROPE)

Amino Vida, Magnesium Vida, Omega-3 Vida

The motor sportsman from Melle near Osnabrück can look back on a successful training in international karting. The Rotax pilot became 2x champion and 1x vice champion at the German championship RMC Germany. In the international competition, such as the European Championship, he succeeded in the Mini, Junior and Senior Class with top 5 placings and race victories. In 2018 he drove his first car races in the Renault Clio Cup Central Europe. In 2019 he is preparing for the entry into GT-Sport 2020 and is in the junior program of a customer sports team.
Tamino about kingnature: “The kingnature products help me to improve my physical and mental fitness and to be even better prepared for the upcoming tasks”.

Johannes Közle


Amino Vida, NADH Vida, Eisen Vida

Johannes has been riding a mountain bike for 20 years. His beginnings are in mountain bike four-cross. He came to marathon racing via the Olympic cross-country discipline. In the meantime, the German mountain biker is training for the highest race series of the World Cycling Union UCI in mountain bike marathon sport. His biggest goal for 2022 is the Marathon World Championships in Denmark. Johannes about kingnature: “Kingnature lives the same values as I do. That creates a basis of trust. On site, I was also convinced of the quality of kingnature products, from development to production. The holistic philosophy is unique!”

HC Fribourg-Gottéron

Swiss ice hockey club

Amino Vida, NADH Vida, Omega-3 Vida

kingnature has already been working with HC Fribourg-Gottéron since 2018 and strengthens the players of the 1st team and in the youth area. HC Fribourg-Gottéron plays in the National League, the highest division in Swiss ice hockey. The new BCF Arena has space for almost 10,000 spectators and is practically always sold out. The Fribourg team has come very close to winning the championship several times. Will it happen this season? The kingnature team keeps its fingers crossed!