Chlorogenic acid

Green coffee

Chlorogenic acid is found in various plants, but the highest content is measured in green coffee. Green coffee beans are simply the still unroasted coffee beans as they grow on the coffee tree. It is only through roasting that coffee acquires its incomparable taste, but the chlorogenic acid content decreases. If you want to benefit from the positive effects of chlorogenic acid, you would have to consume green coffee, but this is not really a pleasure, because it tastes very sour. That is why green coffee bean extract is also available in capsule form

gruener kaffee abnehmen


Chlorogenic acid has proven weight-reducing properties. The acid causes blood sugar levels to rise less after eating and improves fat burning, resulting in less fat formation. Chlorogenic acid also increases mitochondrial energy, raises serotonin levels and slightly lowers blood pressure. It also has an antioxidant effect.

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