Enzymes or coenzymes are proteins that function as biocatalysts in the organism, i.e. they convert substances into other substances and break down large molecules. As biocatalysts, they control and accelerate biochemical reactions in the body. In such reactions, the enzymes only temporarily combine with the substance to be converted (substrate) so that it can be broken down or otherwise changed, for example. However, the enzymes themselves do not change

Many functions

Enzymes are found in every cell of the body and are essential for many functions and ultimately for maintaining a healthy body. For example, they are involved as biocatalysts in everything from digestion and metabolic processes to the translation of genetic material into proteins. There are countless different enzymes in the body. Probably the most basic task is performed by digestive enzymes, which are responsible for breaking down ingested food into small basic building blocks to be absorbed and utilised by the body. Enzymes consist of protein chains. Simple enzymes consist of only one protein chain, others of several interconnected protein chains. Enzymes often work multifunctionally and sometimes take on several tasks in the body. Individual enzymes can also join together to form a complex. Within such a complex, the individual enzymes interact and regulate each other

Enzyme, wichtige Funktionen im Körper, Verdauung
Certain enzymes must be supplied to the body through food

Enzymes in food

Enzymes are not only found in the body, but also in food. Important enzymes that the body cannot produce itself must therefore be supplied with food. Especially fresh, organically grown fruit and vegetables contain enzymes that help the body to digest the food completely.

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