Hydrolysis (hydrolysed)

What does hydrolysis mean?

Explanation of the word from the Greek: hydros = water / lysis = dissolution. Hydrolysis means the splitting of a chemical compound through the addition of a water molecule. The process also takes place in the human body in many forms every day. For example, it happens during the digestion and utilisation of proteins. If proteins are already hydrolysed, this means that they have been partially broken down, which makes them easier to digest.

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Athletes need more amino acids

Advantages of hydrolysed amino acids

Whole proteins are usually large molecules that cannot be easily utilised by the body. First, the complex protein molecules must be broken down by the body into smaller molecules to be available for utilisation in the form of free amino acids or di- or tripeptides. Without this breakdown, they would not be able to pass through the intestinal wall and reach the bloodstream and ultimately the muscle cells and organs. The advantage of hydrolysed proteins is therefore that almost no digestive effort is required by the body and the nutrients reach the blood quickly and without detours. These free amino acids can be better absorbed by the body and are available more quickly, which is popular with athletes, among others.

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