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Swiss Made

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Miron-violet glas

The name stands for a manufacturer with high demands on the material and quality of its glass products

In addition to quality development, MIRON Violet Glass creates various designs in its workshops. Each series has its own special feature. Be it the well thought-out shape or the effective child-proofing. Your products will be kept safe in these glasses from negative environmental influences caused by the sun

As early as 1851, Jakob Lorber described the effectiveness of dark violet glass. He pointed out that liquids or other natural substances are particularly well preserved in this glass. Their effect is not impaired by storage

The important thing is the violet colour of the glass. This colour is elementary and the glass is completely coloured through. This colouring prevents the negative effect of sun rays. Through white, brown and green glass, any kind of sunlight reaches the contents.

In addition to the important filtering of the sun’s rays, Miron violet glass extends the shelf life. The natural energies of the products packed in the glass cannot escape. The natural bio-stimulation can be recognised, for example, by the appearance (fresh colour), and the unimpaired aroma. There are scientific studies on the special shelf life in violet glass. It has been proven that the content lasts up to 4 times longer compared to other glasses, plastic or aluminium

In summary, it can be said that with the help of these violet jars, the degradation of the ingredients is stopped without the need for preservatives

The package of the above-mentioned advantages of the Miron violet glass is of unrestricted benefit to the consumer. The possible elimination of preservatives has direct, positive effects on the user of the contents

Another plus point is the relief of the environment. The glass containers of Miron Violet Glass are 100% recyclable