Parabens are chemical compounds consisting of the salts and esters of hydroxybenzoic acid. They are mainly used in cosmetics. They can also be found in medicines or glues and shoe polishes. It is rare, but they are also found in food. Parabens are used in all these areas for preservation. They have an antibacterial effect and thus extend the shelf life of the products

Generally, preservatives should only be used if justified. They should also be dosed in as small quantities as possible

Parabens are very often used in creams, make-up, deodorants, shower gels and shampoo. These are very well tolerated in combination with cosmetic products and do not cause skin rashes. Methylparaben is mainly used in cosmetics, the maximum concentration may only be 0.4%

E-numbers are often found in the ingredient lists of foods. These designate the additives of methyl and ethyl parabens and their sodium salts. Here, the daily dose is a maximum of ten milligrams per kilogram of body weight.

In addition to the methyl and ethyl parabens already mentioned, the most common are propyl parabens, butyl parabens, isopropyl parabens and isobutyl parabens. The maximum dose of propyl and butyl parabens is 0.14%. The use of isopropyl and isobutyl parabens has already been banned

In principle, parabens are classified as harmless in small quantities. However, they are similar to the female hormone oestrogen and are suspected of upsetting the hormone balance. This fact has been proven in animal experiments on rats. However, there has not yet been a long-term study in humans.

In the opinion of the Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety (SCCS), the methyl and ethyl parabens, as well as the butyl and propyl parabens, were evaluated as safe in the permitted quantity. kingnature nevertheless refrains from any use of parabens

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