Food supplements are foods that contain physiologically important food ingredients in concentrated form. Therefore, they also have the purpose of supplementing the usual diet with nutritionally physiologically important food ingredients. The supply of nutritionally necessary substances is to be ensured by the food supplements. It should be possible to compensate for an unbalanced diet or possible shortages due to increased requirements. Thus, nutritional deficiencies should be compensated and an appropriate supply of certain nutrients should be maintained.

Food supplements should also support certain physiological functions. An increased nutrient requirement is present when there are special physical stresses or chronic diseases. Taking medication can also lead to increased nutrient requirements. Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and competitive athletes also have increased nutrient requirements. For senior citizens and certain risk groups, an increased nutrient intake can also be useful from a preventive point of view.

When a food supplement has a physiological effect, it supports all bodily functions. For example, various supplements can contribute to normal metabolism, support the maintenance of skin, hair and nails, promote fertility and contribute to the reproduction of normal testosterone levels in the blood. Furthermore, the immune system is strengthened and the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases can be supported. Certain preparations have a physiological effect and promote the maintenance of healthy blood lipid levels, contribute to healthy and restful sleep or reduce stress and pain. Another function is to support the liver and gall bladder as well as digestion. Other physiological effects of certain preparations are anti-inflammatory, supporting the body’s defence function, antioxidant and neutralising free radicals. Equally physiologically effective, certain preparations help to combat fatigue, contribute to normal muscle and bone function, regulate intestinal flora, improve learning ability and memory, and promote healthy growth and development. Physiological skin care supports the natural protection of the skin and adds natural and skin-related active ingredients.

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