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Sunflower lecithin

Lecithin is a chemical compound that is also produced by the body itself. This happens through the absorption of choline. Choline belongs to the group of B vitamins. The body converts choline into lecithin, which is extremely important for various bodily functions.

In addition to the body’s own production and the intake of lecithin via conventional foods, it can also be supplied to the body as a food supplement. Lecithin is found in both animal and plant sources. For example, lecithin is found in eggs or milk. Vegetable lecithin is mainly obtained from soy, rapeseed or sunflowers.

All vegetable lecithins are cholesterol-free and vegan. Sunflower lecithin is obtained exclusively from sunflower seeds and has the advantage that sunflowers are basically always grown naturally. Sunflower lecithin is extracted from the seeds in a complex process.

Sunflower lecithin in its pure form contains no additives such as vitamins or calcium. It is also free of carriers and binders. The extraction takes place in several production steps until the final product is available in the three aggregate states of powder, granulate or liquid lecithin or syrup.

Sunflower lecithin is a completely natural substance that can have positive effects on the body in many ways. It is rich in important phospholipids. These are important components of cell membranes and also play an important role in fat metabolism.

Thus, sunflower lecithin stabilises cell membranes in the body and also ensures a well-functioning fat metabolism. Furthermore, lecithin is helpful in the development of brain cells and their function and also supports the function of the heart and liver.

Nerve cells ensure that control impulses from the brain reach all parts of the body and thus ensure the optimal functioning of all important processes in the organism. In order for nerve cells and the organism to work together optimally, the nerve cells need a particularly large amount of lecithin. Lecithin is therefore of great importance for the performance of the organism. The higher the stress, the higher the lecithin requirement. Sunflower lecithin can prevent a lecithin deficiency.

Lecithin is not only extremely important for the nerve cells, because lecithin supports the cell metabolism of all cells in the body. It is also important for the breakdown of cholesterol in the blood. Sunflower lecithin can support the brain’s performance, because lecithin has a positive effect on the ability to think and remember.