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TOTOX value

Is there a measurement for fresh omega-3 oil?

International scientists express concern about many low-quality or even rancid omega-3 products on the market. Omega-3 oils are unstable and oxidise quickly. The oxidation of the oils produces degradation products, and these oxidation by-products are responsible, among other things, for the unpleasant smell and taste associated with spoiled fish. But how can consumers find a perfect product in the large selection of oils containing EPA/DHA?

Fisch Öl mit Omega 3 kaufen

Peroxide, anisidine and TOTOX levels

There are reliable analytical methods to measure the oxidation and freshness of the oil. Two common measurements are the peroxide number and the anisidine number. An even clearer picture of the freshness of an oil is the so-called TOTOX value.

  • The peroxide value measures the primary oxidation products (peroxides) that occur early in an oxidation process. The peroxide value is expressed in mEq/kg (milli-equivalents of oxygen per kilogram of fat). The value corresponds to the amount of substance of peroxide-bound oxygen atoms in millimoles per kilogramme of fat
  • The anisidine value measures the secondary oxidation products (aldehydes), which only occur a little later in the oxidation process
  • The TOTOX (total oxidation) value assesses the total oxidation value and gives an even clearer overall picture of the freshness of the oil. The TOTOX number is calculated from the peroxide number (POZ) and the anisidine number (AnZ) (Totox = AnZ + 2 – POZ)

The lower the oxidation numbers, the fresher the oil

According to GOED (Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3), Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS), the peroxide value should not exceed 5 mEq/kg, the anisidine value should not exceed 20 and the TOTOX value should not exceed 26.

  • Peroxide <5 mEq/kg
  • Anisidine <20
  • TOTOX <26

Excellent TOTOX values for kingnature products

As quality is very important to us, we have the TOTOX values determined for each of our open Omega-3 oils. They are listed for each individual product and are all in a very good range.