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The term vegetarian refers to a particular form of diet and lifestyle. This can also be referred to as vegetarianism. The term comes from the Latin “vegetare” and means “to preserve”, “green” or “to live”. The main characteristic is to abstain from products that are associated with the killing of animals. This mainly includes fish and meat. There are also other sub-forms that abstain from even more or other products. It is up to each individual to decide whether to eat eggs, cheese and milk. A vegan lifestyle, which does without all animal products, is worth mentioning here.

Why live vegetarian?

People who live a vegetarian lifestyle can have many different reasons for doing so. One of the most common is the protection of animals, i.e. an ethical and moral reason. Many people are opposed to animal husbandry, which is why they do without these very products in order not to support certain companies with their money. The animals suffer less and are not killed. For many it is a kind of protest against the non-observance of animal rights.

By abstaining from animal products, vegetarians are also working against climate change. These are very small numbers, but studies show that vegetarians have lower emissions. Raising and transporting livestock has a greater impact on the environment. The emission from the production of plant-based food is much lower.

However, there are also other reasons why someone is attracted to veganism. This can also have religious or cultural backgrounds, which is why it is forbidden to consume animals. But it can also have health implications, especially for things like intolerances or allergies. Many see a vegetarian diet as a healthier alternative because you are eating only plant-based foods. It is said to prevent disease and obesity.

Make up for deficiencies in the body

Normally, meat and fish are an essential part of the diet, at least that’s how many people see it. Our bodies can digest most products, which is why we are generally considered “omnivores”. Vegetarians, however, eat only plant foods for the most part, and may be deficient in certain ingredients. Deficiency symptoms do not have to occur, but they can happen with a change of diet. This is especially true of proteins and vitamin B12, which are otherwise absorbed through meat consumption. In the meantime, however, there are many substitutes that can be taken. A vegetarian lifestyle does not have to do without any substances.