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Improved formula: Now 100% natural! Artemisia cream with incense on the basis of an organic aloe vera gel. With an Artemisia extract from Swiss organic cultivation. Artemisia Cream protects and cares for the skin and has a supporting effect on skin irritations and problem skin. Contents net 30 ml. Dermatologically tested.

Artemisia Cream with aloe vera

The Artemisia Cream (Hydrogel) protects and cares for the skin. It also has a supporting effect on skin irritations and problem skin. Anyone who wants to buy Artemisia Hydrogel receives a very high quality product.

How is Artemisia Hydrogel produced?

Our Artemisia plants are organically grown. They are grown in Switzerland, harvested by hand and processed. We only use the dried leaf tips and no stems or lignified parts, which results in a high quality product. By means of an extract, the valuable active ingredients are then dissolved and further used for the hydrogel.
The Artemisia plant (Artemisia annua) is a mugwort. It is an annual plant that grows to a man-sized bush in summer and also feels comfortable in our moderate climate. To date, more than 240 different secondary plant compounds have been isolated and detected in its leaf tips, including numerous polyphenols and artemisinin. A highly concentrated extract of the leaf tips with all active ingredients is used for the Hydrogel.

What else is contained in Artemisia Hydrogel?

The artemisia extract is mixed with an aloe vera gel from the inner leaf (inner leaf gel). The aloe vera gel is rapidly absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin and is free of aloin, which is found in the outer leaf and is toxic. We now produce the aloe vera gel ourselves from organic aloe vera powder, making us independent of suppliers and their formulations (thickeners, preservatives, etc.) Because the powder is highly concentrated, the aloe vera has slipped back in the list of ingredients, but the content of aloe vera is unchanged! Finally, high-quality incense oil (Boswellia carterii oil) is added. This gives the hydrogel a pleasant smell and supports the regeneration of the skin. The Hydrogel contains no parabens.

What is the advantage of a Hydrogel?

The formulation is a fat-free, water-based gel (= Hydrogel), which forms a thin layer on the skin. The individual ingredients are enclosed in this layer and are thus available to the skin for longer, i.e. the caring effect is stronger and longer lasting. The gel is easy to apply and evenly distributed on the skin. It does not become sticky after drying and does not tighten on the skin. We use the natural Xantham Gum as a gel former. It forms beautiful gels and can be applied very well.

How natural is the Artemisia Hydrogel?

We achieve a natural cosmetic content of 100% if we understand that the ingredients are from nature or occur in nature. As preservatives we now use Benzoic Acid and Sorbic Acid (0.3% sodium benzoate / 0.15% potassium sorbate). Both are officially approved substances in natural cosmetics.

What are the advantages of Artemisia Hydrogel?

  • With Artemisia from Swiss organic production
  • Only the dried leaf tips are used for the extract (no stems, lignified parts etc.)
  • Artemisia special breeding with high content of physiologically interesting plant substances
  • With caring organic aloe vera
  • With fragrant incense

Buy Artemisia Hydrogel online now!

Buy Artemisia Hydrogel online now! You will receive a product with high-quality raw materials and an optimized formulation, gently processed and controlled in Switzerland. Scientifically tested vital substances from kingnature!

Product information Artemisia Hydrogel

Dermatologically tested.

Artemisia Hydrogel with organic aloe vera gel, artemisia extract and incense. Net content 30 ml. The Artemisia Hydrogel is available from stock.

The Artemisia Hydrogel is delivered in a practical dispenser (airless pump). The gel is always protected from contact with air and can be dosed cleanly. At the first use, several pump strokes may be necessary until the gel is released.

The Artemisia Hydrogel is also available in your pharmacy or drugstore (Pharmacode 6569557).


Gently apply the Hydrogel to the affected areas 2-3 times a day and let it take effect.

Ingredients (INCI):

Aqua (Water), Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Artemisia annua leaf extract, Boswellia carterii oil, Xanthan gum, Benzoic Acid, Sorbic Acid, Citric Acid.

Buy Artemisia Hydrogel now!

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  1. I used this cream on my toddler any time there are any skin issues! We love that you also added frankincense oil – the BEST!

    Meredith miner

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Care for demanding skin! With an extract of the valuable leaf tips of Artemisia annua from Swiss organic farming. Protects, nourishes and supports skin irritations

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