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Natural products with niacin or vitamin B3 from Switzerland

Vitamin B3 or niacin belongs to the vitamin B complex and to the water-soluble vitamins. On the one hand, it contributes to a normal energy metabolism and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, and on the other hand to a normal function of the nervous system and mental function. Furthermore, niacin contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and mucous membranes.

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3, which is also known as niacin, can be found primarily in offal, fish, but also in meat. The vitamin ensures that the metabolic processes in our body run optimally. A lack of vitamin B3 can have various consequences. However, in our latitudes this deficiency occurs only now and then.

What does vitamin B3 do to the body?

Our body is a very complex mechanism in which many different processes interlock precisely. For example, there are various metabolic processes that take place in our body every day. These include, for example, the production of so-called fatty acids.

Vitamin B3 is needed for these metabolic processes. It belongs to the water-soluble B vitamins. That is why it is also called niacin. Vitamin B3 occurs in two different forms in the body. Once as nicotinic acid and once as nicotinamide. Our body is able to convert the two different forms in such a way that niacin – i.e. vitamin B3 – is formed from them.

In addition, it is possible for us to absorb vitamin B3 through food. Meat and fish in particular are important building blocks in the diet for this purpose. Furthermore, dietary supplements are available if, due to a special diet, the normal requirement for vitamin B3 cannot be met through the normal diet. As an example, vegans should be mentioned here, who do not eat meat or fish and therefore cannot use these two important sources.

What is the daily requirement of vitamin B3?

There are different guidelines on the amounts of vitamin B3 that the body needs. On the one hand, a distinction is made according to age. But also according to gender.

Women, for example, need 11 to 13 mg of vitamin B3 per day. Men need 14 to 17 mg per day, depending on their age. A breastfeeding woman, on the other hand, also needs a larger amount of vitamin B3. Here, the average requirement is 16 mg per day.

In addition, it must be taken into account that pregnant women, adolescents and children have different daily requirements. If precise information is required in this regard, the doctor can be asked. On the one hand, he can determine the vitamin B3 content in the body and give information on whether it is sufficiently high or not.

How can you tell that there is a vitamin B3 deficiency?

A classic vitamin B3 deficiency is not very common in Central Europe. However, there is already a small deficiency, which is enough for some symptoms to appear here and there. Even if these symptoms are not as extensive and intense as is the case with a severe deficiency.

If an undersupply of vitamin B3 is detected, then the following symptoms can be identified:

loss of appetite
general weakness
inflammation of the skin

If the deficiency of vitamin B3 is already advanced, this can also cause the disease pellagra, for example. Here, urgent action must be taken so that the best possible countermeasures can be taken. The doctor will advise and give appropriate instructions on how to act.

How does vitamin B3 work as a dietary supplement?

There are some interesting dietary supplements that we have listed on our site that contain vitamin B3. The advantage here is that it is possible to specifically ensure that vitamin B3 is supplied. And in such quantities that a good level of it is given in the body.

The indications on the respective food supplements clearly show how high the dose is and whether a supply in this intensity is necessary. It is therefore worthwhile to browse our offer at your leisure and look at and evaluate the relevant products.

For whom is vitamin B3 suitable as a dietary supplement?

Anyone who eats a balanced, healthy and normal diet will also take enough vitamin B3 through food. However, those who are vegans, for example, will not take fish, meat or offal. Because that does not belong to the vegan nutrition. To prevent a deficiency here, it is worth considering dietary supplements. Find out now in the store about Vitality Shot and other dietary supplements with vitamins. Order Vitality Shot if you are interested in vitamin B2.