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Aronia Report in the Swiss Newspaper – Tagesanzeiger on the 18.09.2013

Excerpt from the Tagesanzeiger of 18.09.2013

In the Tagesanzeiger there is a good report about the origin and the effect of the Aronia berry. Here is a small part of it. The link to the full article is added below.

Colourless bitter substances

Above all, the OPC content of Aronia berries amazes researchers worldwide. OPC stands for oligomeric procyanidins, a group of colourless bitter substances that have been the focus of research for several years thanks to their bioactivity. Cranberries contain 276 mg OPC in 100 g, elderberries come to 27 mg. The chokeberry contains 664 mg, far more than 20 times the amount. Animal experiments with radioactively labelled OPC have shown that these substances enter blood and lymph just 10 minutes after eating and reach virtually any body tissue. They pass the blood-brain barrier, remove heavy metals and adhere to collagen and elastin fibres. It’s not just good for wrinkles. These fibres are located in the walls of all veins. Only 24 hours after taking OPC, the elasticity of the blood vessels doubled in animal experiments. This effect lasted 72 hours. OPC are considered the most effective antioxidants, as they are up to 10 times more active than other polyphenols.

“I prescribe Aronia for all internal infections: Polyarthritis and vasculitis. Also for hay fever and other allergies Aronia works with their perfect interaction of OPC and other materials fast and reliably, says the physician Dr.Heinz Lüscher. In his practice for vital substance medicine in Herisau he uses capsules with highly concentrated Aronia berry extract, which he has produced from the pomace of Swiss Aronia juice production.

Click here to read the whole article in the Tagesanzeiger  In German

Click here to read the article online in the Tagesanzeiger – In German

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