Acid-Base Metabolism

The human body has certain metabolic programmes. One of these is the acid-base balance. The ratio of acids and bases in the body should always be in balance. This balance ensures that certain functions in the body run properly.

The acid-base metabolism keeps the organism of a healthy person at a balanced level, which is determined in the form of the pH value. This value can be detected in the blood and should be between 7.35 and 7.45. If the value is below 7.35, acidosis is present. This means over-acidification. If it is under-acidified, the value is above 7.45. This is called alkalosis and the pH value is too low.

Keeping the pH constant also means balancing the proton concentration. The acids produced in metabolism make it very difficult for the human body to keep the level of protons constant. However, the body compensates for an imbalance in the short term through respiration.

The correct pH value is important for many metabolic processes in the body. Metabolism is the conversion of food into energy. Various enzymes are involved in this mechanism. For these to function properly, the pH value must be balanced. The pH value determines whether a liquid is acidic or basic.

In order for organs such as the intestines or the stomach to work properly, they need a certain pH value. Acidosis is caused, for example, by bad eating habits, sitting too long and too little exercise. If there are too many acids in the body, this can have health consequences. When the body is over-acidified, it can no longer keep up with the elimination process. It therefore deposits these end products of metabolism in other parts of the body, such as the skin.

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