A high-quality plant wax

The jojoba shrub is native to deserts and semi-desert regions, e.g. in Mexico or California, but is also grown commercially outside the USA, e.g. in Australia, Argentina or Israel. The jojoba seeds contain a high-quality plant wax that is used for cosmetic and industrial purposes. Indigenous peoples used to extract an ointment from the roasted and boiled seeds, which was used as a healing and care product.

Jojoba, natürliche Hautpflege

Half-opened, ripe jojoba fruit with seeds

Natural skin care

Jojoba oil (strictly speaking it is a wax) contains provitamin A, as well as vitamin E and has a favourable fatty acid composition for the skin. It provides the skin with long-lasting protection against moisture loss and dehydration and increases elasticity. It is slightly anti-inflammatory and has a natural sun protection factor of three to four. In addition, jojoba oil is extremely stable to oxidation and thus contributes well to the stabilisation of oil mixtures; it also behaves in emulsions like a consistency provider and coemulsifier

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