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Natural vitamin E products from Switzerland

Vitamin E belongs to the fat-soluble vitamins and is mainly found in fats and oils, wheat germ, sunflower and corn germ oil contain a lot of vitamin E. In the body, vitamin E helps to protect cells from oxidative stress.

What vitamin E is and what functions it performs in the body

Vitamin E is stored mainly in the liver, kidney and fatty tissue. It helps to protect cells from oxidative stress. Its effect can be further supported by vitamin C. Vitamin E belongs to the fat-soluble vitamins, it can only be utilized in the context of fat metabolism. It defuses free radicals, which are aggressive metabolic compounds that can damage the body’s cells. Therefore, vitamin E has antioxidant effects and it is an important cell protection vitamin. The term vitamin E covers a group of different chemical compounds that have vitamin E activity. These are called tocopherols. They act as a protective system for many different cells. Vitamin E stabilizes and fends off possible damage to the cell membrane. Furthermore, vitamin E can prevent arteriosclerosis and also have an anti-inflammatory effect. Vitamin E can have a positive influence on memory. It is also important for the formation of tissue mediators, which, among other things, influence inflammatory reactions and blood clotting. Vitamin E is also of crucial importance for the immune system. The correct intake is crucial, otherwise the positive effect can also be reversed. Vitamin E can penetrate the skin well due to its fat solubility. If the vitamin E content in the skin is high, this has numerous benefits. It can improve wound healing, smooth wrinkles and also protect against UV radiation. Vitamin E can additionally keep the product ( for example cosmetics), from spoiling by contact with oxygen. Vitamin E is also found in a wide variety of foods such as oils and fats, desserts, dressings and chewing gum.

The daily requirement of vitamin E

How much vitamin E someone needs depends on age and gender, physical condition, and overall health. Other factors include mental illness, environmental stress, pregnancy or breastfeeding. Before taking vitamin E, find out what interactions may occur. The exact daily requirement of vitamin E is not known and depends on various factors. As an estimate for the daily requirement for adults between 25 and 50 years of age, an amount between 12 and 14 mg can be assumed ( 12 mg for women, 14 mg for men). For those over 65, the requirement again drops to about 11 mg. For pregnant women, the estimated value of the daily requirement is about 13 mg, for nursing mothers about 17 mg.

Who might have an increased intake of vitamin E

Pregnant women and nursing mothers have increased vitamin E requirements. People with digestive and absorption disorders may also have increased vitamin E requirements. Furthermore, it can be assumed that adults who eat a very low-fat diet have an increased vitamin E requirement. As a result, they absorb only small amounts of fatty acids and therefore also supply the body with a small amount of vitamin E. High-fat foods with polyunsaturated fatty acids usually contain a lot of vitamin E as well.

Foods containing vitamin E

Basically, tocopherol occurs naturally only in plants. However, since animals also eat the plants and the tocopherol subsequently accumulates in the fatty tissue and liver of the animals, animal products are also good sources. Excellent sources of vitamin E are: Nuts and seeds, as well as oils made from them. With a small teaspoon of wheat germ oil or two tablespoons of sunflower oil, you can already meet your daily vitamin E requirements. High-quality vegetable oils from domestic oilseeds are part of a balanced and healthy diet. Safflower oil for example, is a very high quality, balanced oil that also has a healthy fatty acid ratio.

If you are interested in products with vitamin E, just browse through the various offers. Vitamin E contain for example the Vitality Shot, Vitamin D3 Vida, Vitamin D3 Baby or Neovital.