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Swiss Made

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Swiss Made

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Artemisia leaf cutting organic

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Artemisia leaf cut organic as refill pack for herbal pillows. Net content 50 g.

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Super herb! Artemisia leaf tips from
Organic Artemisia annua from a special Swiss breeding programme.

Artemisia Blattschnitt Bio

50 g Artemisia herb as a refill for herbal pillows. The Artemisia annua used is a special cultivar with a high concentration of active ingredients.

What substances does Artemisia contain?

The Artemisia plant is considered to be well researched. To date, well over 200 different substances have been identified, particularly in its leaves plant substances have been identified in its leaves in particular .

How does Artemisia work?

Artemisia contains a substance that breaks down into two aggressive components when it comes into contact with iron ions that may be present in certain cells. These components have the ability to quickly kill unwanted cells or micro-organisms such as bacteria, plasmodia and others in their vicinity.

Organic Artemisia from Swiss cultivation

Our Artemisia plants are organically grown. They are grown in Switzerland, harvested and processed by hand. We only use the dried leaf tips.

What are the benefits of Artemisia leaf cut?

  • Contains Artemisia from organic production (Switzerland)
  • We only use the dried leaf tips and no stems, woody parts etc.

Info about Artermisia leaf cut

Artemisia leaf cut contains 50 g dried Artemisia. Net content 50 g.

Bio-Label: kingnature ist bio-zertifiziert.

From organic cultivation

The Artemisia Blattschnitt Bio is certified organic. All ingredients come from organic cultivation (organic certificate).

Swiss Made - Made in Switzerland

Made in Switzerland

Made in Switzerland on Lake Zurich: The Artemisia leaf cut is Swiss Made.

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General information

Keep cool, dry and out of the reach of children.

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