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Natural probiotics products for good digestion from Switzerland

Probiotics are preparations containing living microorganisms, such as lactic acid bacteria, which also live in our microbiome in the intestine and “revitalize” it in a valuable way. Our product EM Multiferment contains 31 different strains of bacteria and 20 billion bacteria per daily dose. It is a fermented product from 26 different herbs and plants. Fermentation breaks down the ingredients into their basic components, resulting in rapid and complete absorption. Probiotic Vida contains 13 different strains of bacteria and 10 billion bacteria per daily dose. In addition, prebiotic additives, nutrients for the probiotic bacteria that cannot be digested by the human intestine, are included. The products supply the body with lactic acid bacteria, which are assessed as physiologically beneficial – in addition to a balanced and varied diet.


Probiotics comes from the Greek and literally means “for life.” World Gastroenterology defines probiotics as “live microorganisms that provide health benefits in appropriate amounts.” Probiotics come in liquid and capsule form. Probiotic microorganisms also occur naturally in lactic acid products such as kefir or fermented foods, for example, sauerkraut. Probiotics are known to have a positive effect on intestinal health and the immune system. In the following, we would like to provide information on the topic of probiotics.

The intestinal flora

To understand how probiotics can work, it is first necessary to know the function of our intestinal flora. This consists of about 100 trillion microorganisms, also called microbes. There are different types of microorganisms that are native to the human gut. One example is the lactic acid bacteria such as the lactobacilli.

Probably the best known function of the gut is digestion and metabolism. The proper absorption and processing of nutrients and vitamins from food also falls under the responsibility of the intestine and the intestinal flora. The different types of microorganisms have a decisive influence on the defense against diseases. This is because before pathogens can even enter our immune system, they have to overcome a barrier consisting of the interaction between the intestinal flora and the intestinal mucosa.

In addition, the intestinal flora has a decisive influence on our psyche. The intestine is in constant communication with the brain. It influences our mood, can cause strong cravings, such as for addictive substances or sweets, and helps to determine how much energy we have in our everyday lives. Today it is even assumed that the intestine influences the psyche more than vice versa.

Supporting the intestinal flora with probiotics

In addition to a balanced and healthy diet, probiotics can be used to support the functions and health of the intestinal flora. It is now known that probiotic microorganisms have a supportive effect on the mucosal immune system. In order for probiotics to work and support the intestinal flora, it is important to take them in sufficient quantities and regularly, in addition to a healthy diet.

It makes sense to take probiotics, for example, when the intestinal flora has been attacked or destroyed. This can have various causes such as stress, the intake of medication or an inadequate diet.

In case of an imbalance of the intestinal flora, the “good” bacteria, which have a positive effect on the functions of our body, have been destroyed. The “bad” bacteria are in the majority.

As described in the paragraph above, our intestine with its flora has a decisive influence on the functioning of our immune system, on our psychological well-being and, of course, on our digestive power.

With an intestinal flora that is out of balance, we often feel tired and listless, we are not at our “full power” and, in the worse case, we pick up every infection. This complicates our everyday life and saddens our mood.

Probiotics can help to rebalance functions of the digestive tract, have a preventive effect and support general balance.

Probiotic in the kingnature store

The product Probiotic Vida combines 13 different strains of bacteria as well as several sources of dietary fiber, so that they have their “food” right away and can spread optimally in the intestinal flora.

EM Multi ferment is a fermented concentrate consisting of herbs and plants. 20 billion live microorganisms per daily dose, 26 fermented herbs and a rich dose of vitamin C help support a balanced intestinal flora and a strong immune system.


The intestine is a complex organ with a flora composed of 100 trillion microorganisms. These occur in different species and are also known as microbes. In order for digestive power and immune defense to function, a balanced intestinal flora is essential. This also has a great influence on mental well-being and on the energy that can be mustered throughout the day. There are numerous reasons for a dysbalance of the intestinal flora. Probiotics are used to support and balance them. This can be achieved with a regular and sufficient intake of probiotics.

Feel free to browse through the various probiotic products from kingnature and get more information about probiotic products.