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Swiss Made

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Amino Vida



Amino Vida

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Amino acid complex with all 8 essential amino acids plus L-Arginine. 240 tablets with 500 mg amino acids each. Net content 120 g. Amino Vida contains nine high-purity, free and crystalline amino acids from pulses of natural origin, is vegan and free of any additives. It provides an optimal amino acid pattern, has almost no calories and is available to the body after a short time. Commitment to clean sport: Amino Vida is regularly tested for selected doping substances and can therefore also be safely taken by top athletes.

Powerful! Essential 9 amino acids support you during sporting or other physical challenges.

Essential amino acids (EAA)

Amino Vida contains nine highly pure, free and crystalline amino acids in an optimal ratio for humans. It contains all essential amino acids plus L-arginine.


Amino Vida contains almost no calories and is available to the body after a short time.

Vegan amino acids from legumes

The amino acids are obtained from pulses (by fermentation and extraction). Amino Vida is vegan and free from any additives.

Ideal for people with increased needs

Amino Vida is ideal for people with an increased need for amino acids, e.g.

  • during sport or high physical exertion,
  • with a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle,
  • for special dietary nutrition programs,
  • for the supplementary intake of essential amino acids

All essential amino acids (EAA) plus L-arginine

Amino Vida contains all eight essential amino acids plus the semi-essential amino acid arginine. Essential means that the amino acids are vital and must be taken in with food. Amino Vida also contains the semi-essential L-arginine.

Reduces pain sensation by 18.4% in 8 weeks

Amino Vida reduces the sensation of pain in people with chronic musculoskeletal pain by 18.4%. In a randomized, controlled double-blind study, 40 subjects with chronic musculoskeletal pain aged between 40 and 65 years were given 16 Amino Vida pellets (8 g) or a placebo daily for 8 weeks.

Subjective perception of pain decreases significantly

The test subjects were asked about their subjective pain perception before and after the study using a questionnaire. While the pain sensation in the placebo group increased by an average of 10.75% on a pain scale of 0 to 10, the pain sensation in the Amino-Vida group decreased by an average of 18.4%.

Source: Herbst, Rabea (2020): Der Einfluss von Aminosäuren auf die Schmerzsymptomatik und das allgemeine Wohlbefinden. In: Meilensteine der Gesundheitsmedizin, Schriftenreihe der FHM, Bielefeld (Heft 12, S. 45-59)

Scientifically confirmed: Amino Vida reduces the sensation of pain

Benefits of Amino Vida (EEA – Essential Amino Acids)

  • Amino Vida offers an optimal ratio of all eight essential amino acids. These are also known as EAA (Essential Amino Acids).
  • Amino Vida also contains the semi-essential amino acid L-arginine.
  • Amino Vida contains the protein building blocks (amino acids) in hydrolyzed form. These are small, short individual building blocks instead of long protein fragments.
  • Amino Vida is therefore absorbed in the small intestine within a very short time and is available to the body more quickly.
  • Thanks to its hydrolyzed form, Amino Vida is also an ideal source of protein for people with kidney and liver problems.
  • Amino Vida is almost calorie-free (only 0.5 kcal in 10 pellets).
  • Amino Vida is 99% utilized for muscle building.
  • Amino Vida forms only 1 % nitrogen waste. This is a very low value compared to other protein sources (see graph on the left).

What are amino acids and proteins?

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. They are assembled in the body to form long protein or protein chains. These are among the most important components of the human body and control a large number of vital processes.

Protein supplement especially for vegans and vegetarians

For people with a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, it can be difficult to get the daily protein your body needs from food. Amino Vida is a suitable protein supplier to compensate for protein deficits.

Info about Amino Vida

Amino Vida contains 240 pellets with 500 mg amino acids each. Net content 120 g.

Made with Love in Switzerland

Swiss Made - Made in Switzerland

Made in Switzerland in Wädenswil on Lake Zurich: Amino Vida is Swiss Made.

Consumption recommendation

Take 2 x 8 tablets daily, preferably 30 minutes before physical exertion.

Nutritional valuesfor 16 pelletsfor 1 pellet
Energy24.6 kcal / 104.7 kJ1.54 kcal / 6.54 kJ
Fat0 g0 g
Carbohydrates0 g0 g
Protein6.16 g385 mg
Salt0 g0 g
L-Leucine1.46 g91 mg
L-Valine1.3 g81 mg
L-Isoleucine1.1 g69 mg
L-Lysine1.1 g69 mg
L-Phenylalanine1 g62 mg
L-Threonine0.9 g56 mg
L-Methionine0.56 g35 mg
L-Arginine0.34 g21 mg
L-Tryptophan0.24 g15 mg

Also safe for athletes

Commitment to clean sport: Our product Amino Vida is regularly tested for selected doping substances.

Available in your pharmacy/drugstore

Amino Vida is also available in your pharmacy or drugstore (PZN DE 13913848/PZN AT 4596337).

Data sheet from Amino Vida

You can find a lot of product information in the Amino Vida data sheet.

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General information

Food supplements are no substitute for a varied, balanced diet, fresh fruit and vegetables and a healthy lifestyle. Store in a cool, dry place and keep out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended intake.

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