Origin of the ingredients

Transparency is important to us. That’s why we disclose where our raw materials come from.

Origin – Raw Material
Origin – Capsule
Amino Vida / Amino EightSwitzerland / GermanySwitzerland
Arginin VidaSwitzerland / GermanyBelgiumSwitzerland
Aronia Hand CreamSwitzerland – ThurgauSwitzerland
Aronia Chocolate
Switzerland / Cocao AfricaSwitzerland
Aronia Shot (Sticks)Switzerland – ThurgauSwitzerland
Aronia VidaSwitzerland – ThurgauBelgiumSwitzerland
Artemisia GelSwitzerland – FribourgSwitzerland
Artemisia MiniSwitzerland – FribourgBelgiumSwitzerland
Artemisia PET / VidaSwitzerland – FribourgBelgiumSwitzerland
Artemisia ShotSwitzerland – FribourgSwitzerland
Artemisia Shot (PET)Switzerland – FribourgSwitzerland
Boswellia VidaIndiaBelgiumSwitzerland
Canna VidaSwitzerland – ThurgauSwitzerland
Caye VidaSwitzerland – FribourgBelgiumSwitzerland
CBD PETSwitzerland – Thurgau Switzerland
Clear Skin GelSwitzerland / Europe Switzerland
Coffea VidaSwitzerland / FranceBelgiumSwitzerland
Eisen VidaEurope / IndiaBelgiumSwitzerland
Em Multi fermentDeutschlandDeutschland
Emu OilAustraliaSwitzerland
Feet Protection CreamSwitzerlandSwitzerland
Hot Shot Sports Cream
Switzerland – FribourgSwitzerland
Hydrating Skin LotionSwitzerlandSwitzerland
Immuno Vida
Immuno Daily
Kurkuma VidaIndia / SwitzerlandBelgiumSwitzerland
Krill VidaAntarcticNetherlandsSwitzerland
Magnesium VidaEuropeBelgiumSwitzerland
Matcha PowderJapan Switzerland
Moringa PowderAfrica Switzerland
Moringa VidaEthiopia / BeninBelgiumSwitzerland
Morus Vida (Mulberry Leaves)Eastern EuropeBelgiumSwitzerland
MSM VidaEuropeBelgiumSwitzerland
Mysterio PETSwitzerland / IndiaBelgiumSwitzerland
NADH VidaSwitzerlandSwitzerland
Omega-3 VeganSwitzerland / CanadaSwitzerland
Omega-3 VidaNorwaySwitzerland
OPC 24 Day CreamSwitzerland / EuropeSwitzerland
OPC 24 HandlotionSwitzerland / EuropeSwitzerland
OPC 24 Night CreamSwitzerland / EuropeSwitzerland
Oregano VidaSwitzerland / EuropeBelgiumSwitzerland
Pollen VidaSchwedenBelgiumSwitzerland
Probiotic VidaGermanyGermany
Q10 StrongJapanBelgiumSwitzerland
Q10 VidaGermany / JapanGermanySwitzerland
Recovery Box / KidsEurope / IndiaBelgiumSwitzerland
Reishi VidaAsiaBelgiumSwitzerland
Relax VidaEurope / IndiaBelgiumSwitzerland
Salvestrol Vida 2000EnglandEngland
Salvestrol Vida 350EnglandEngland
Toxaprevent Plus / PureGermanyGermany
Vino VidaItalyBelgiumSwitzerland
Vitality ShotSwitzerland / GermanySwitzerland
Vitamin D3 Vida / BabyGermany / South-East AsiaSwitzerland
Vitamin K2 VidaItalyBelgiumSwitzerland
Voluntastrols® VidaNew ZealandBelgiumSwitzerland